Welcome to IS3A

Information Sciences Association for Amsterdam Alumni

IS3A in a nutshell

The Information Sciences Association for Amsterdam Alumni (IS3A) is a new association for graduates of computer science, information science, and artificial intelligence studies located in Amsterdam. We are a community of both academic and commercial professionals that support each other with career advice, networking opportunities, and knowledge sharing. Four times a year we come together for drinks, lectures or workshops organized by our members.

Who is IS3A for?

Bachelor and Master graduates of any information science study from either UvA or VU. Please note that if you are still studying, this association might not be for you. Our events are catered to people currently working in tech or with a postgraduate academic career.


Networking Opportunities

Through our approachable activities we hope to bring you in contact with like-minded individuals working in the Amsterdam area.

Knowledge Sharing

Be it technical knowledge or soft skills. We'll give you the opportunity to share and learn. Not sure how to start negotiating your salary? Learn from your peers at IS3A!


August 23rd - Summer Drinks

We are back again in August for another amazing activity!

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