Former speakers

At every drinks, we invite one of our members to give a short presentation about an interesting subject related to their work field. A list of former speakers and their talks can be found on this page.

Jelte Fennema


Jelte Fennema is a senior software engineer at Microsoft, where he works on the Citus database engine for PostgreSQL which in turn is used by Azure CosmosDB. In his talk, Jelte shared his work on the cancellation problem: the inability to predictively cancel queries sent to a horizontally scalable PostgreSQL setup. This problem occurs when cancellation database queries do not land on the same node that is executing the original query.

Lennart Kerkvliet

Vectornator by Linearity

Lennart Kerkvliet is working as an iOS developer at Linearity, working on their app Vectornator, one of the leading vector design apps in the Apple landscape. In his talk, Lennart shared his experience developing and publishing Vectornator as a multi-platform graphic design tool and told us all about scaling applications to multiple native platforms while still providing a smooth user experience.

Youri Voet


Youri Voet is one of the founders of CodeGrade: The Virtual Assistant for your coding classroom. CodeGrade started as a university project at the University of Amsterdam to make the lives of TAs for coding courses easier, and for students to get the feedback they need to be successful in computer science education. In his talk, Youri walked us through his journey at CodeGrade and how they became the number one company in programming education software.